One of the most modern educational facilities in Poland. The complex houses a primary school, kindergarten, nursery and dayroom. The building has been designed with particular attention to comfort of children. The architect has masterfully combined the aesthetics with functionality, using Rockfon sound-absorbing solutions.

The school offers school facilities for 450 students and 50 employees, gym and canteen with kitchen facilities. But that's not all, there is also a place for kindergartens for 200 children and 25 guardians, a hall for 130 seats, and a day room. The building has two levels with a total area of 10 thousand m2.

Particular attention should be paid to the variety of colors used in the facility. The function of the colors used inside was not only to facilitate the navigation, but primarily stimulates students' imagination. The exterior was laid out in soft shades, so that the building was successfully incorporated into the village architecture.

In addition to aesthetic values, acoustics are extremely important for the comfort of students and teachers at school. Monika Robaszko-Kowalska, architect, says “with every project we try to put on high quality materials. There are not many sound absorbing panels on the market that can match Rockfon products. That's why we used them”.                                                                                                                                                                                      

Verwendete Produkt(e): Rockfon Color-all®, 600 x 600 - Rockfon Eclipse®, 1760 x 1160
Verwendete Produkt(e): Rockfon Eclipse®, 1160 x 1160
Verwendete Produkt(e):
Verwendete Produkt(e): Rockfon Eclipse®, 800 x 800
Verwendete Produkt(e):
Verwendete Produkt(e): Rockfon Eclipse®, 1760 x 1160
Verwendete Produkt(e):

Complex of primary school and kindergarten

Architekt:Monika Robaszko-Kowalska, Biuro Achitektoniczne Metropolis
Fotograf:Bartosz Makowski
Produkte:Rockfon Color-all®, Rockfon Eclipse®
Abmessungen:600 x 600, 800 x 800, 1160 x 1160, 1760 x 1160

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