The school has the capacity of 840 students from 1st-7th grade and approximately 110 staff members which now have taken use of the top modern building. 

The school is a near-zero energy building, including Norway’s largest front integrated solar wall and a own energy source to make sure that the school is close to self-contained concerning electricity. The environmental characteristics of the school building is also intended to spread knowledge on climate and the environment. There is also a fully automatic system for HVAC installed, where the balance between user friendly and advanced system has been in focus. Overall, high demands to the quality in the materials and the use of materials has been extremely important throughout the project.

Despite the great climate focus, the most important task has been to create an optimal learning environment for the 840 students attending at Brynseng skole. Acoustics and lightning have been of vital importance. It is easier to concentrate when there is sufficient natural light and a good acoustical environment. A good sound environment makes the children less tired and it’s easier to stay focused, which gives more benefit from the teaching. Therefore, good sound- and light conditions have been given a high emphasis in the planning and shaping of the classrooms at Brynseng skole.

As a result, acoustic comfort as well as light reflection and light diffusion have been taken into consideration when choosing acoustic ceilings from Rockfon. Rockfon Blanka, due to its smooth and extra-white surface, high level of light reflection and light diffusion, has contributed to saving energy used on artificial lightning. Rockfon Blanka Activity is installed in all class rooms, while Rockfon Samson is installed in all corridors. In addition, Rockfon Hygienic, Rockfon Cosmos and Rockfon Industrial are installed at Brynseng School.

Brynseng School

Architekt:HRTB Arkitekter AS MNAL
Fotograf:Erik Burås
Produkte:Rockfon Blanka® Activity
Abmessungen:1200 x 600